"Who Else Wants To Spark A
Sexually Disinterested Woman into an Adoring, Desirous, Hungry and Enthusiastic Sex Goddess?"

"How to Talk Her into Your Arms and Into Your Bed!"


From: Karen Brody & Sherrie Rose

RE: Your Sex and Love Life - Discover How Sexual Dynamics Work

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Join Karen Brody and Sherrie Rose, "The Love Linguist,” for this breakthrough seminar on

“How to Successfully Talk Her into your Arms and Into Your Bed!”

: If you are tired of…

  • Feeling that nothing you say is right

  • Losing women because you didn’t know what to say

  • Confused by the mixed messages she sends

  • Not being in the power position as a man

  • Not getting enough sex

  • Not knowing how to get sexual information and guidance

Then get ready to dive inside a woman’s mind to the heart of what makes her tick,
And discover how with powerful communications tools and insights, you can step into the POWER POSITION with women -- and get the love, respect and sexual attention you want and deserve!

It’s a matter of understanding how sexual dynamics work and learning how to work them. If you’re not working them, they’re working you!

Discover how to use your words, body and actions to turn her resistance to you into total surrender!


  • Get insider knowledge that bolsters confidence to make bold moves and succeed

  • Get attuned to the signals she’s communicating to initiate sex

  • Discover the secret words she needs to hear in order to sleep with you

  • What you must say after the First Time (you only get one chance!)

  • The 3-point strategy that virtually eliminates sexual rejection

  • What to say to keep SEX hot, when you’re dating long-term or married

  • The words that deepen bonding and intensify her pleasure and orgasms

  • What to say and to definitely not say during foreplay and sex

  • Words Women want to hear that make her absolutely hot for you!
Powerful Talk Leads to Powerful Sexual Dynamics

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Masterman with Women?

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Exclusive Seminar for Men - How Sexual Dynamics Work
This is a 90 minute intensive seminar (held in the privacy or your home or office from your telephone) that will positively eliminate the frustration of what to say to women, when and how to say it and get you feeling like a man in control of the outcomes in his life!


Your Facilitators:

Karen Brody, The Love and Intimacy Coach, has coached hundreds of men to be literal women magnets, and passionately guides you to access the confidence you need to command the outcomes and experiences you most want with women. It is her passion to help men fall in love with themselves and to have relationships with women that are empowering and deeply satisfying.

Sherrie Rose, The Love Linguist, is a masterful teacher and speaker, who specializes in translating the complexities of how women operate romantically and sexually, into a language and format that men can get and apply with total success! It is her passion to help men really get women and fill her "love bucket", so lovers can enjoy the mutual feeling of powerful satisfying sexual dynamics.

What does it Cost?

You’d think a seminar like this would cost thousands of dollars when you consider what you’ve been through with women, and what Sherrie and Karen are proposing to unravel and illuminate for you. Most men just battle women their whole lives and get very little of the sex and respect that they want.

Because we love men and we love empowering you, the price is very accessible. It’s less than one great evening out. And we’re certain, if you apply the principles and tools we share, you will have a deeply satisfying experience with women! Even if you never have before, even if you don’t believe it is possible for you.

Get It Now!

“How to Successfully Talk Her into Your Arms and Into Your Bed!”


ONLY $97.00

Valuable Information - Don't Miss It !

Karen Brody, The Love and Intimacy Coach

 Dedicated to Enhancing Your Love and Sex Life,


The Love Linguist™

Author, 7 Ways to Fill Her "Love Bucket!"
Founder, The Love System™
Trainer, The "Man Class" Series


 P.S. The Communication Seminar includes worksheets to use as a guide with the seminar!

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